Search your handwriting

Handwriting recognition in GoodNotes

Search any term to find every place it appears in your library – whether handwritten or typed. With powerful handwriting recognition, you'll always find what you wrote.

Annotate PDFs and PPTs

Markup PDFs

Freely mark up PDFs and PowerPoints without being confined to typed text – perfect for signing documents, writing on lecture slides, or annotating articles.

Organize your notes your way

folders and notebooks in list view

Create as many folders and subfolders as you need, and rest assured that no matter how many notes, PDFs, and files you have, they're easily found.

Personalize your notebooks

Paper templates in GoodNotes

Choose from a variety of covers and paper templates, from graph, dotted, and lined paper, to weekly planners, or easily add your own custom templates to create the notebook you want.

Save and reuse elements

Save and reuse elements

Easily save and insert frequently used objects like stickers, images, text, formulas & diagrams with the Elements tool.

Open documents side by side

Multi-window support in GoodNotes

Multi-tasking made easy: read an article on one side, and take notes on the other. Or easily drag and drop information from one note to another.

Access your notes on the Mac

GoodNotes for Mac

Get the Mac app at no extra cost, so you can always view your latest notes, wherever you prefer.

Easily share your notes

shared documents

Work on the same notebooks with multiple people. Shared Documents gives you a shareable link to collaborate no matter where you are.

Study with flash cards

Study with flash cards

Test yourself and learn more effectively with the built-in flash cards study mode.

documents synced across iPad and iPhone

More Features at a Glance

icon of drag and drop
Exceptional drag & drop support

GoodNotes lets you drag and drop almost anything.

icon of scrolling direction
Flexible scrolling direction

Switch between horizontal and vertical scrolling.

icon of hyperlinks
PDF Hyperlinks

PDF hyperlinks are fully functional in imported documents.

icon of document tabs
Document Tabs

Switch back and forth between multiple documents quickly

icon of pen-up mode
Pen-Up mode

Flip through your pages comfortably without leaving any marks or strokes.

icon of sharing
Share / export

Export whole documents/notebooks or only share selected pages via email, messages, to the cloud or lots of other third-party apps.

icon of Import

Import PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents to annotate them.

icon of image tool
Image Tool

Add images to your page and move, resize, turn and crop them to create multimedia notes. Keep the aspect ratio or resize images freely.

icon of text box tool
Text Box Tool

Type with your keyboard and format text. All system fonts are supported.

icon of zoom window
Zoom Window

Write neatly and fluent with the auto-advancing zoom window.

icon of lasso tool
Lasso Tool

Select objects on the page, move them around, and resize, or rotate them.

icon of shape tool
Shape Tool

Draw perfect shapes and straight lines.

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